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Joe Willard, People’s Emergency Center, Philadelphia PA:

“PEC receives 10 calls a day from a family looking for emergency housing. We have to turn them away. The City of Philadelphia gets calls every day from families and has to turn them away. Why? There is not enough housing or resources because legislators do not understand the true size and scope of homelessness. Instead, many legislators are hoping to cut services because, in large part, they do not see the suffering that it causes. Hundreds — if not thousands — of Philadelphia families are living doubled up somewhere, sometimes running away to another county to flee their abuser. In fact, 60% of the families in one domestic violence shelter in suburban Philadelphia are from Philadelphia, because the city turns away so many and that legislators do not see the need to expand the safety net. The Homeless Children and Youth Act would help recognize the children and youth in these families and help us repair the safety net.”

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The Homeless Children and Youth Act is bi-partisan legislation that would make it easier for local communities to help homeless children, youth, and families. Get the facts.

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About the photos: Photos of children and youth experiencing homelessness provided by Diane Nilan, HEAR US Inc., used with permission. (c) 2012, Diane Nilan, HEAR US Inc.